Student Engagement Activity Possibilities

Student Engagement Activity

To fulfill the Student Engagement component of the invoice, you must complete and document your student civic engagement project by April 30, 2019.  Documentation may be added to the Electronic Resource Notebook found on the Program Benchmarks page.  Possible activities include, but are not limited to:


Kentucky Student YMCA – Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) and or/ Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA)

The Kentucky YMCA provides opportunities throughout the year for students to participate in activities that promote civic awareness and engagement.

  • National History Day

National History Day engages students and teachers in historical research and skills development and provides an opportunity for students to present on a research topic at state and national competitions.

  1. National History Bee and Bowl

The National History Bee and Bowl is a national competition that provides students with an opportunity to compete in a quiz bowl format that focuses on History questions.

  1. C-Span’s Student Cam

C-SPAN’s Student Cam is a national video documentary competition that encourages students to think critically about issues that affect our communities and our nation.

  1. Henry Clay Statesman Award   (flyer attached as Henry Clay Statesman Award)
  • New York Times (attached as two documents:  NYT 2018- KEDC (Sponsorship Access) and NYT Sponsorship District Marketing).

Includes Faculty access to The New York Time in Education site at

This site includes:

1) Library of the Time’s curated content from college/university faculty around the world.  Includes  recommended articles and teaching applications.  Content specific areas currently include American Government, Business, Campaign & Elections, Criminal Justice, Economics, environmental Sciences, International Relations, Leadership, Psychology, and Writing/English Composition.  2)  Teaching & Learning with the New York Times Webinar Series – The editors of The Learning Network ( and Times’ journalists are coming together to offer a series of monthly webinars targeting both faculty (Teaching with the Times) and Students (Learning with the Times).

Schoolwide and Districtwide Site Licenses

In-School Access

  • No Login/Password necessary.  The district(s) provide all valid external IP Ranges which allows ALL INDIVIDUALS (student, teacher, support staff, admin., etc.) to have access to on ANY device.
  • There are no apps (smartphone/tablet) available through this model.  Users may use iPads or Chromebooks, for example, but will need to access the website through mobile browsers.
  • There is no access to Restricted Archives (1923-1980) but access to all articles from 1851-1922 and 1981-Present Day.
  • Users may REGISTER for FREE at  This allows an individual (while connected to the schools’ networks) to Save/Comment/Share content.  Users can build a very unique library of content which they will then have access to at any time/location (off-site included).
    • Everfi 306

The Underground Railroad. Frederick Douglass. The Harlem Renaissance. Brown vs. Board of Education. EVERFI’s 306: African-American History informs and inspires today’s students through history’s most important stories of African-American women and men who have overcome obstacles through grit, strength, creativity and intellect. Using important primary texts and compelling vignettes, this digital course introduces students to African-American history in science, academia, music, and the arts, and communicates this history in a way that builds shared values and inspires today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders. In 306, students have the unique opportunity to explore and reflect on key themes of African-American history that showcase reliance on critical life skills like determination, resilience, intellect, creativity, and ambition.